Diabetes causes your blood glucose, or sugar, levels to become too high. When you are pregnant, elevated sugar levels can present health risks to your baby. About eight out of every 100 pregnant women develop gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes is a term that refers to a carbohydrate intolerance noticed for the first time during pregnancy. Mothers who become pregnant later in life, or those who are obese prior to conceiving, are at a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes will subside after the birth of your baby, however, it does tend to increase your risk for developing diabetes later.

If you are diabetic prior to becoming pregnant, you will need to pay special attention to monitoring and controlling your blood sugar levels while you are pregnant.

To help reduce your risk of complications from diabetes, we recommend:

  • Following  a healthy meal plan
  • Exercising (as recommended by your doctor)
  • Testing your blood sugar regularly
  • Taking your medication (as prescribed by your doctor) 

To help you monitor your blood sugar levels, Dr. Sheppard recommends filling out a Meal Log. Please report your blood sugar levels to our office once a week. If you have 3 high blood sugar readings in a row, please call our office.

Diabetes Log
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